Order Custom Firepit

A Horseshoe 1 Fabrications custom fire pit is the perfect addition to your outdoor setting. Available in sizes of 24″, 30″, 36″, 48″ and 60″ in diameter, whether your goal is a to enjoy a fireside chat, grilling, or both – we have the perfect fire pit for you.

Our handmade, custom fire pits are constructed out of sturdy 1/4″ plate steel to withstand the weather and endure years of frequent use. The grill top height is adjustable and it can be easily removed for loading and handling.

You can choose several custom options as well such as height, depth and the addition of designs.

Item #: H1F-2436-TFPG
Tall 24″ Firepit and grill with
36″ shelf.
Item #: H1F-24-SFPGC
24″ diameter Short Fire Pit Grill Custom Made
Item #: H1F-24TT-SFPGC
24″ diameter Short Fire Pit Grill Custom Made Texas Tech Emblem
Item #: H1F-24-RHG
24″ Receiver Hitch Grill
Item #: H1F-3048-SFPG
Short 30″ Firepit and grill
48″ shelf
Item #: H1F-3048.5-TFPG
Tall 30″ Firepit Grill
with 48″ half shelf.
Item #: H1F-3048-SFPGC
Short 30″Firepit Grill
with 48″ full shelf – Custom Artwork on Shelf
Item #: H1F-3654.5-TFPG
36″ diameter Tall Fire Pit Grill w/54″ – 1/2 Round Shelf
custom longhorn firepit grill
Item #H1F-36TL-SFPGC
36″ diameter Short Fire Pit Grill Custom Made
Item #H1F-4860-SFPG
Short 48″ Firepit and half grill
60″ shelf
Item #H1F-6072-CFPG
60″ diameter Custom Short Fire Pit w/1/2 grill
‘Grill with Receiver Hitch’
Grill with a Receiver Hitch option for grilling, Tailgating, etc.

Photo Gallery of Customers Using Our Firepit Grills: